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Open Day 2016

Leibniz@Nanosafety – Open Day at INM

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz himself visited INM on 9 July 2016: It was Open Day at Saarland University and thus Open Day of INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials. With his waiving hairdo and baroque attire, Leibniz enchanted the visitors and initiated them into the odd secret about the nanoworld. Whether on the microscope or gesturing wildly, the visitors – young and old – did not budge from his side.


In the Leibniz Year, the Research Alliance Nanosafety, represented by the research group “Nano Cell Interactions”, seized the Open Day to discuss about applications of nanomaterials and the topic of nanosafety with the citizens. At their stand, school students and adults could get informed about what is particular about nanoparticles and how they are produced.

A look through the microscope, additionally, allowed the visitors to observe cells that normally line the lung surface. In their daily work, the scientists use microscopy techniques to examine interactions of nanoparticles with such lung cells.

Complementing the explanations and demonstrations of the researchers around Dr Annette Kraegeloh, the guests gladly took away some of the hot-off-the-press German brochures. In the brochure, the six partners in the alliance present their research on nanosafety from different perspectives.

Another three research groups of INM showed themselves and their activities to the public. People could learn something about the lotus effect and the structures of plant surfaces, the self-assembly of nanoparticles, and their application in energy storage or water treatment.

On the occasion of the Leibniz Year, Dr Mario Quilitz gave an enlightening talk about the last polymath, which made Gottfried Leibniz’s work come alive, literally. Because in the middle of the talk, Leibniz – presumed dead for 300 years – crashed the presentation to add a detail, which earned him a big round of applause.

Altogether, the event counted between 150 and 200 visitors, who left INM delighted and well informed.