Leibniz-Research Alliance Nanosafety presents current research at the open day at Saarland University

25 Mai 2019

Two people looking at a cell model exhibit

“How does a material scientist work?”, “Do nanorobots already exist?”, “How do nanoparticles get into cells?”… Those were some of the questions that researchers of the group Nano Cell Interactions tried to answer at the annual open day at Saarland University at the INM – Leibniz-Institute for New Materials.

Man and child observe effects of magnetic nanoparticles

The visitors used the opportunity to observe lung cells with titanium dioxide nanoparticles under a microscope. The scientists illustrated with models and microscopic images how they investigate the interactions between cells and nanoparticles, why different nanoparticles have different effects, and for which applications nanoparticles are used.

Pictures: Christiane Petzold

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