Survey to data reuse in the field of safety of innovative materials

Researchers of all fields become more and more aware of the value of the data they are generating – for themselves, but also for other researchers, and even across traditional scientific fields. The recent years have therefore seen an increase in efforts to make data available to others and to implement the FAIR Data principles.

The goal of the initiative InoMatSafety is to improve the reusability of research data on the effects of innovative materials on human health and the environment. To achieve this, we are looking for active players in fields related to research on the safety of innovative materials who agree to share their experience. How are you handling your research data?

If you generate, curate, disseminate, and store research data, or if you would profit from the toxicological and safety related data, we kindly ask you to take 20 minutes to fill the survey below until 30 September 2020. This will help us to understand and to eventually meet the needs of our research community.